An anonymous gift of $6.5 million in 1997 helped to jump-start three capital projects deemed priorities by the College: a theatre building, improvements and renovations to the athletic facilities, and a new academic center.

Moyer Hall was designed to resemble the older academic buildings on campus, but also to complement them with a more modern aesthetic at the eastern end of Academic Row. The first floor of the building is 1.5 stories tall, in order to bring its second- and third-story windows in line with those of Ettinger. The $10 million building was designed by the Philadelphia architectural firm H2L2.

Dr. Forrest G. Moyer ‘35, who graduated from Temple University Medical School in 1940, served as chief of pediatrics at Allentown Hospital from 1953-1975, and was responsible for spearheading a campaign to inoculate more than 90% of the children of the Lehigh Valley with the Salk polio vaccine. He had been a recipient of an honorary doctorate of humanities degree from Muhlenberg in 1995, and in 1993 had been inducted into the Shankweiler Society, which honors the achievements of alumni in the health professions.

Forrest G. Moyer. M.D., ‘35 Hall was dedicated on April 13, 2000. Additionally, the forum space at the center of the building was dedicated to Donald P. Miller ‘28. Today, the building houses the Institute for Jewish-Chirstian Understanding, and the departments of Education, Religion, Philosophy, and Psychology. It holds 32 faculty offices, 12 classrooms, and psychology laboratories.